About Us

Technollo is a group of people dedicated to pushing the envelope when it comes providing a great smartphone buyback service.

Literally, we're pushing many envelopes filled with cash every day into one of our outgoing USPS mail bins.

But seriously, we just try to offer premium value and five star customer service to every single customer that places an order.  Our goal is for you to come back to us for life. 

We know these phones and tablets have become like external limbs to you and for that reason, we go the extra mile to assure that your device gets the star treatment.  We firmly believe that the new owner will extend it's life and thus enhance the lives around that device thus reducing the need to manufacture new devices.

Don't shop around and get burned by another company offering outrageous prices.  Our prices are always fair yet competitive.  Call us if you need help.

For our business customers, Technollo offers an integrated employee and corporate owned buy-back program that will help turn your old assets into additional budget while maintaining the privacy of your company data.

Technollo is privately held and based in sunny Austin,Texas the Live Music Capital of the World.

Technollo, LLC

3006 Longhorn BLVD STE 105

Austin, Texas 78758